Pet Arthritis

Just like people, pets can experience health conditions like arthritis. If you're in the Columbia, SC, area and looking for a “veterinarian near me” to help your pet with this condition, we at Ambassador Animal Hospital are here for you. The right pain management can make all the difference in your pet's quality of life and help him move more easily for a longer period of time.

Pet Arthritis

Pain Management for Quality of Life

Good pain management can be valuable when dealing with arthritis in dogs and cats. You don't want your pet to be in pain, of course, but it's not possible to cure arthritis. The best thing to do in that case is to work on managing their pain so your pet can move as easily as possible and feel better on a daily basis.

Arthritis in Dogs Can Be Treated

Because it's possible to treat arthritis in dogs as well as other animals, your pet can have a better overall experience when he is treated by a vet for pain control. You can help him get exercise to move more easily, as well, because staying gently active can reduce the stiffness he experiences and good monitoring from a veterinarian can help with adjusting medication doses or making other changes.

Get the Help You Need for Pet Pain Issues

When you have a cat or dog that's dealing with arthritis, you might not realize anything's wrong in the early stages. Pets are good at hiding any pain they're experiencing but if you see that your pet isn't moving as much as he has been, or if he is having trouble getting up from a lying down position, he could have arthritis. Problems with stairs are another indication you can watch for. Fortunately, pet pain treatment is available.

Get Pain Management from a Veterinarian for Arthritis in Dogs and Other Types of Pet Pain

If you're in the Columbia, SC, area and looking for help with pet pain management, get in touch with us today at Ambassador Animal Hospital. We're here to help reduce your pet's pain and make it easier for them to move comfortably. Call us at (803) 787-3840. A “veterinarian near me” is here to help.


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