Flea and Tick Prevention

3 Common Flea and Tick Prevention Practices

At Ambassador Animal Hospital in Columbia, SC, we see our fair share of cats and dogs. In some cases, pet owners come in to bring their furry little friends in for flea treatment. At other times, they’ll stop by to ask questions about tick prevention because they want the best for their lovable pets. 


Since we always want the best for our adorable patients, we’ve decided to put together a brief list of the three most common flea and tick prevention practices for your benefit.

1. Treat Your Pets for Fleas and Ticks All Year Long

Although we know flea and tick season takes place in the summer months, it’s best to treat your pets for them all year long. If fleas or ticks manage to get inside your house, they can survive throughout the winter.

This is the very reason most veterinarians recommend protecting your pets all year with effective preventative measures. Continue to use flea treatment and tick prevention products regularly. Feel free to call our veterinary hospital in Columbia if you need help with instructions, product recommendations, or other issues. We’re here to help.

2. Throw Away Old and Expired Prevention Products

Do you have out-of-date or expired flea and tick products that you intend to use on your pets? Stop thinking along these lines and consider purchasing new ones.

The old products lose their ability to effectively prevent flea and tick bites as they go past their expiration date. Instead, visit your local pet supply store or supermarket and buy new products. Otherwise, your pets could end up infested with these nasty critters.

Do you need help in choosing the best products? Do not hesitate to call us and ask for our top recommendations. The Ambassador Animal Hospital is always ready to lend a helping hand.

3. Regularly Groom Your Pets and Check for Ticks

Fleas and ticks find good hiding spots nestled with your pets’ fur. It might take a while before they become visibility noticeable. Instead of waiting for them to appear, you should take active measures to look for them before your pets are overrun with them.

Take a few minutes each day to groom your pets by brushing them with a flea comb. Your precious animals might not like it, but you're doing it for their benefit. While you’re combing their fur, you may as well perform a tick check. Inspect the ears and skin of your pets to see if you notice any ticks. If you find one, remove it with tweezers. If you don’t know how to remove the tick, give us a call for assistance.

Remember That We’re Here to Help

Are you worried that one or more of your pets are infested with fleas? Or are you concerned about a possible tick bite? Please contact Ambassador Animal Hospital in Columbia, SC, to make an appointment for your beloved pet. Our veterinary team can help. Our number is (803) 787-3840.


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