We at Ambassador Animal Hospital in Columbia, SC, are a veterinarian care provider in the region, offering pet safety measures, pet microchipping, loss prevention, health care, vaccinations, and other animal care treatments. If your pet needs treatment, we can help. Give us a call today. 


What Is Pet Microchipping?

Microchipping is a tiny transmitter inserted underneath a pet’s skin where it remains permanently. The device has a pre-assigned identification number that displays on a scanner when scanned. The identification number is linked to the pet owner’s contact information that has been entered into a pet registry database.

Benefits of Microchipping

The biggest benefit of microchipping your pet is the opportunity for a lost pet to be scanned by a vet or shelter and for the pet owner to be contacted for its return.

For Escape Artists

Every once in a while, you come across a pet that is a natural-born escape artist. If you have a pet like this, a microchip can be lifesaving. It just might be the only thing that brings your pet home.

Pet Theft

Pet thefts do occur. If your pet is stolen, a microchip provides identity and proof of ownership when scanned by authorities, an animal shelter, or a veterinarian.

More Permanent than Tags

Another advantage of microchipping is that it is permanent. The microchip will last the pet’s lifetime once imbedded. Unlike collars or tags that may wear out, break, scratch, or become unreadable, the microchip remains a solid form of identification for any pet.

No Pain and No Side Effects

Microchip technology is fast, safe, and painless. There might be a small prick sensation from the needle but no more than a normal vaccination injection.

Additional Things to Know about Microchipping

It is crucial, however, for pet owners to ensure that their contact information is up to date in the pet recovery database. Without accurate and current contact details, the microchip may become less effective in reuniting pets with their owners.

Get Pet Microchipping from a Veterinarian on Our Team for Pet Safety and Loss Prevention

At Ambassador Animal Hospital in Columbia, SC, our veterinarian team understands that you love your pet and we can help you make sure he makes it back home if he ever gets lost. Our team can answer any questions you might have or address any concerns about loss prevention, pet safety, or any other issue. Microchip your pet today and keep him safe for years to come.

Our friendly staff is standing by to take your phone call today. Call us at (803) 787-3840 for more information. A “veterinarian near me” on our team is here to help.


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