Kitten Season & Kitten Exams

During the spring, an influx of kittens appears at Ambassador Animal Hospital in Columbia, SC. Stray cats will have kittens, and people bring them in for kitten exams and vaccinations for adoption. If you have a new kitten, getting it looked over by a vet is vital to getting it off to a healthy start. You can also get wellness information on how to raise a happy kitten who has the chance to enjoy a long life with you and your family.


What Is Kitten Season?

In Columbia, SC, kitten season occurs every spring. This time of the year is when you may start to find litters of kittens in your neighborhood. Stray mother cats will often find hidden, warm places to have their litters. You may hear some soft mewing from a corner of your garage, in a tool shed, or under a porch.

For kittens less than six weeks old, leave them in care of their mother to improve their chances of survival. However, if you find orphaned kittens, contact us at Ambassador Animal Hospital for ways to help to care for them.

Why Are Kitten Exams Important?

When you adopt a new kitten, you should bring it to our clinic for an exam. During the exam, the vet will look over to ensure that the kitten is in good health, determine its age and gender, and start vaccinations, and schedule spay or neutering surgery.

What Vaccines Does My Kitten Need?

Yes, your kitten needs vaccines. Generally, the vet will start these at six to eight weeks of age, which is how old your kitten should be before taking it from its stray-cat mom or adopting it from a shelter. You will need to bring your kitten back to the veterinary clinic every four weeks until it is four months old to get the first full round of vaccines.

Generally, rabies and the combination shot FVRCP is recommended for all kittens. The FVRCP combines vaccines for three conditions – feline viral rhinotracheitis, feline calicivirus, and panleukopenia (feline distemper). The vet may suggest other vaccines, especially if you plan to board your kitten or let it spend time with other cats.

Bring Your Kitten to See Us at Ambassador Animal Hospital

If you have a new kitten, make sure that you call us for an appointment at (803) 787-3840 as soon as possible. We are open six days a week for your convenience. With a thorough exam from one of our vets, you can find out more about your new kitten, learn how to care for it, and discover more about its health. We want to be your partners in caring for your new kitten for its whole life. Trust us with its first kitten exam and other veterinary services after that.


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