AAHA accreditation: the difference between ordinary and extraordinary.

The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) is the world’s leading association of companion animal practitioners, and their hospitals hold themselves to a higher standard. Pets are their passion, and keeping them healthy is their #1 priority.

Surprisingly, being accredited is not a requirement for animal hospitals like it is for human hospitals. Only a small percentage (about 12-15%) of veterinary hospitals in the United States and Canada achieve the designation of being accredited. Ambassador Animal Hospital is proud to be one of those accredited members. This means we hold ourselves to a higher standard of care, because our clients and patients deserve nothing less. To achieve AAHA certification, our hospital has passed comprehensive inspections of our facility and maintains strict standards that exceed AAHA's requirements. That’s over 900 standards we uphold on a daily basis!

Upon evaluation, an experienced AAHA representative visits our hospital, thoroughly examining our surgical suite, exam rooms, medical records, drugs and supplies, processes and procedures, and much more that directly correlates to the quality of care we are providing your pet. All of the standards are the same nationwide, and we are re-evaluated on all of them every three years. State regulations vary widely, and a representative might only come check on things every now and then.

Did you know that 81% of pet owners said they would choose an AAHA-accredited veterinary hospital over a non accredited one? Here’s what being AAHA accredited means for you:

  • Our team members are regularly trained in pet CPR so they can act quickly if your pet faces an emergency.
  • Dental procedures are performed by trained team members who follow the highest standards of dental care for your pet.
  • Our team is always up to date and trained on the latest and best veterinary practices in caring for your pet.
  • We consider pain assessment and control a valuable part of your pet’s visit, which helps promote faster healing and comfort.
  • We are trained to handle your pet gently and safely, which minimizes stress during the veterinary visit.

When your pet comes to an AAHA-certified practice, you can rest assured knowing your companion will receive the highest-quality veterinary care. Our AAHA accreditation is another example of our commitment to your pet's health. Pets are our passion, and keeping them healthy is our #1 priority. Here at Ambassador Animal Hospital, we strive to deliver excellent care, because your pets deserve nothing less.



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