How Safe is Pet Anesthesia?

Many pets will have to undergo surgery at some point. This surgery may mean having your companion spayed, neutered, and removing tumors or objects in the stomach. If your pet is about to undergo surgery, you might have various concerns, such as how safe anesthesia is for pets. Contact a veterinarian at Ambassador Animal Hospital in Columbia, SC, if you have problems.

That said, pet anesthesia is a safe procedure, so long as it’s left in the hands of a capable vet. The medications used to put a pet under are powerful, and if these medications are misused, they could lead to complications and even death. That’s why it’s crucial to work with a practiced vet.

Safety with Anesthesia for Pets

First, it’s essential to understand that anesthesia is often necessary. If the animal moves during surgery, it could lead to severe injuries. With humans, you can usually perform simple surgeries by using localized anesthesia. With pets, general anesthesia is helpful because it puts the animal in a sleep-like state. This way, your companions will be less likely to move around during the procedure.

Complications can happen with pet anesthesia. However, they are typically rare, primarily when you work with a skilled vet. Our veterinarian will select the best methods and medications to put your animal under. Pets are familiar with intravenous (injected into the bloodstream) and gas anesthesia. In some cases, a vet may opt to use both.

During the Procedure

Of course, anesthesia is only one part of the procedure. Vets must also exercise skill and care during the surgery. By doing so, they can reduce the risk of complications.

When your pet comes to you, it may still feel the effects of anesthesia. This effect may make them dizzy and reduce coordination. Therefore, ask your veterinarian how you should assist your pet in the hours and days after surgery.

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