Dehydration and Kidney Failure

Kidney failure happens in pets for many reasons, but one main cause is dehydration. Kidneys need a steady supply of blood to function properly. Lack of fluid from dehydration causes the kidneys to become damaged, eventually leading to failure. Our veterinarians at Ambassador Animal Hospital in Columbia would like to look at dehydration and kidney failure in pets.

Signs of Dehydration in Pets

The main symptom of dehydration in pets is tenting skin. Normal skin bounces back after being pulled slightly and let go. Press your finger against your pet's gum and lift it. This leaves a white spot. In a healthy pet, this spot turns pink almost instantly. In a dehydrated pet, it takes longer. Dehydrated skin stays up momentarily before slowly falling back into place. Dehydrated pets will also pant, slobber, or drool more than usual. Dehydrated pets may also have gums that feel sticky, have dry noses, and have sunken eyes.

Treating Dehydration in Pets

Mild cases of dehydration can be treated by giving your pet fresh water. Your pet will also have lost electrolytes as well as fluids. Call your veterinarian to see if a drink with electrolytes for babies like Pedialyte is okay to give your pet. If a pet gets so severely dehydrated that he or she refuses to eat or drink, this is considered a medical emergency. Your pet needs to go to the vet to receive IV fluids.

Chronic Kidney Disease in Pets

Pets diagnosed with chronic kidney disease are prone to becoming dehydrated, which can make their condition worse. Leave many bowls of water around your home to help encourage your pet to drink enough. Make sure pets do not play too much in hot weather. Never leave a pet in a car in any kind of weather, since cars heat up so quickly that it can cause the pet to get heatstroke, which will cause the kidneys to shut down.

Contact Our Veterinarians in Columbia, SC

If you have questions about dehydration and kidney failure in your pet and live in the Columbia area, contact Ambassador Animal Hospital to speak with one of our staff members. Call our team today at (803) 787-3840 to schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians.


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