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At Ambassador Animal Hospital, serving Columbia, SC, and the nearby communities, we are ambassadors for optimal pet health. We stress the importance of routine care, such as a yearly wellness exam and pet vaccinations, but we are also there during sickness and injury. So, what exactly sets us apart?


First and foremost, as an animal hospital, we offer an array of services, such as pet surgeries and emergency care. However, we also provide routine pet care, including conducting your pet's annual wellness exam, providing dental care, helping you manage skin allergies through pet dermatology, and administering pet vaccinations. These are just some examples of the services we can provide. We pride ourselves on being there for your pets and making visits to the vet as convenient as possible for you.


When we think about what we provide to pets, the first thing that comes to mind is compassion. We genuinely care about your pet and want what's best for them, just like you do. We are not only there to provide care, but we are also on your team, giving you access to quality services and providing advice in a manner that you can understand. Our job is not just to care for your pet, but to give you the tools and resources to provide the care they need.


Have you ever called a vet and they couldn't accommodate you? Or maybe they gave you an appointment date that was too far in the future when your pet needs care sooner. We have multiple veterinarians on staff, so we can provide you with timely visits, not in two weeks when you don't need one.


We never want visiting the vet to be burdensome. Instead, we want to make your life as easy as possible, so a vet visit doesn't feel like a chore. Fortunately, we have an on-site lab and other diagnostic equipment to perform testing right here at our animal hospital. This makes the visit as convenient as possible for you and allows your pet to receive care sooner.


None of us are new to veterinary care. We all have experience and know how to care for your pet in the best way possible. We understand how to react to emergencies and the treatment protocols that are best for pets with various issues.

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If you are looking for more than just pet care, choose Ambassador Animal Hospital, serving Columbia, SC, and the neighboring communities. We offer various services and have a dedication to helping pets and their families. Our experience and convenience don't hurt either. Book an appointment with a veterinarian from our office today by calling (803) 787-3840.

Meet Our Skilled Team

Learn Who We Are

  • Joe Trimmier, DVM

    While growing up in Central, South Carolina, Dr. Joe Trimmier developed a love of animals at an early age thanks to his family's horses, dogs, and cats. 'I grew up with animals and saw what an important part of the family they are,' he says.

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  • Erin Trimmier, DVM

    While Dr. Erin Trimmier was growing up in Clemson, South Carolina, her family 'always had animals — both dogs and cats.' She began riding horses at a young age, an activity she still enjoys to this day. 'I always wanted to be a veterinarian,' says Dr. Trimmier. 'I don't remember ever wanting to be anything else.'

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  • Katy Carothers, DVM

    Dr. Carothers began working in veterinary offices while still in high school. While in college, she worked on horse and dairy farms to gain valuable hands-on experience. She attended Clemson University, graduating in 2003 with a degree in Animal Science. She then earned her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from North Carolina State University's College of Veterinary Medicine in 2007.

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  • Gailene Holland, DVM

    Dr. Gailene Holland was born in Texas but spent her childhood living in North Carolina, Virginia, Saudi Arabia, and England having been brought up in in a military family. Throughout her upbringing, she knew she wanted to one day become a Veterinarian and has since achieved those aspirations.

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  • Elizabeth Slade, DVM

    Dr. Elizabeth Slade grew up in Atlanta, Georgia with a house full of dogs and cats. She began working in a veterinarian’s office while earning her Biology degree at the University of Georgia. She also enjoyed working with cows at the dairy while in school. Needless to say, she quickly fell in love with the profession. 

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  • Maggie
    Head Veterinary Assistant

    Maggie has been a part of the staff at Ambassador Animal Hospital since July 2012. She first started as a kennel assistant and over the years, by working hard and learning a lot, she has moved her way up to being our lead Veterinary Assistant. Some of her daily responsibilities include helping our veterinarians with appointments, collecting blood samples from patients, running bloodwork, and filling prescriptions in the pharmacy. Maggie enjoys teaching the other girls how to do things around the hospital, such as collecting samples for tests and identifying specimen under the microscope. She also assists with surgeries and dental cleanings by placing IV catheters and monitoring the patients while under anesthesia. Maggie graduated from the University of South Carolina, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design.

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  • Caitlin
    Receptionist / Veterinary/Kennel Assistant

    Caitlin has been working with Ambassador full time since March of 2016. She graduated from the University of South Carolina obtaining a bachelor's degree in Psychology with a minor in Childhood Education. On some days at the clinic, Caitlin is responsible for greeting clients, making appointments, and taking phone calls. On other days she assists the technicians and doctors when needed by holding pets for sample collection or examination. She also cares for the borders that stay at the clinic by feeding, walking, giving medication and bathing them. Her favorite part of her job is meeting and getting to know the patients and clients on a personal level. Caitlin also loves that she gets to learn new things almost every day.

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  • Michelle
    Kennel Manager

    Michelle joined the Ambassador Animal Hospital team in October of 2005. She works full-time as our kennel supervisor, overseeing the care of boarders staying with us. Michelle is also responsible for administering medications, bathing our borders, and maintaining the kennel facility. She enjoys working with and easing the anxiety of difficult or nervous animals during their stay. Michelle was previously a dog groomer and is also a certified dog walker.

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  • Nicole .

    Nicole is a fairly new member of the Ambassador staff, joining us in June 2019 as a full time receptionist. She has been working with animals since she was a child, so with her love for animals she fits right in. Nicole used to work at horse farms, where she trained and taught riding lessons. As a receptionist for the clinic she greets clients, takes phone calls, and schedules appointments, among other things. Her favorite part of her job is meeting and getting to know the clients and their pets. “The staff and clients are so friendly and kind and I enjoy the opportunity to learn something new everyday,” says Nicole.

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  • Sydney
    Veterinary/Kennel Assistant

    Sydney is a full-time veterinary and kennel assistant. She is currently in her senior year of Cedar Valley College’s Vet Tech program. Some of her daily responsibilities include running bloodwork, collecting samples, and caring for boarding animals. Sydney enjoys working with and learning from our veterinarians, as well as teaching our new employees.

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  • Lyanne
    Veterinary Assistant

    Lyanne works full-time as a veterinary assistant at Ambassador Animal Hospital. Some of her daily job tasks include properly restraining animals, drawing blood, obtaining patient history, performing dental cleanings, and running lab work. Lyanne also helps prepare for surgeries and monitors patients anesthesia during procedures.

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    We've been pet guardians of many, many animals. We've moved a lot and have had many vets through the years. We're new to Cola and have been impressed with Ambassador Animal Hospital since our first visit. Our 5 star impression has only grown deeper with every visit. We had to make the tough choice to let our 17.5 year old beagle cross that bridge last week. Dr. Trimmier was unbelievably caring throughout the entire examination, discussion and decision. And now, we just came home to a handwritten card from him. They are the absolute best!

    Cathryn Broderhausen Roys

    We cannot thank all of the wonderful folks enough at the Ambassador for the years of care and love they have given all of dogs through the years. We started going there in 1972 and they has just continued to provide the best care. Today we had to send our Ezra across the Rainbow Bridge. We could not have had a more caring group to help us and Ezra through this. Thank you! And yes, We recommend this practice and would give 10 stars if we could.

    Lisa White LaBorde

    You are awesome. Thank you for taking such good care of Remington. Smash was equally wonderful, and very caring when Remmy was crying.

    Marianne Menegon Kelly


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