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Staff of Ambassador Animal Hospital

Ambassador Animal Hospital StaffMaggie, Head Veterinary Assistant

Maggie has been a part of the staff at Ambassador Animal Hospital since July 2012. She first started as a kennel assistant and over the years, by working hard and learning a lot , she has moved her way up to being our lead Veterinary Assistant. Some of her daily responsibilities include helping our veterinarians with appointments, collecting blood samples from patients, running bloodwork, and filling prescriptions in the pharmacy. Maggie enjoys teaching the other girls how to do things around the hospital, such as collecting samples for tests and identifying specimen under the microscope. She also assists with surgeries and dental cleanings by placing IV catheters and monitoring the patients while under anesthesia. Maggie graduated from the University of South Carolina, earning a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design.

"The clients are amazing and the staff is like a family," she says, "which makes the job very enjoyable. I love how my days working can differ so much, allowing me to learn something every day."

At home, Maggie has a 3-year-old Lab/Hound mix named Porter and a Yellow Lab named Tilley who love to play together. In her free time, Maggie enjoys spending time with her friends and family, being on the lake, and going to Carolina football games. She also likes to do DIY projects and freelance graphic design work.

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Ambassador Animal Hospital StaffMary, Receptionist

Mary is a full-time receptionist at Ambassador Animal Hospital, joining our team in August of 2015. Mary earned her BA in both English and Theatre Performance from the University of South Carolina. Some of her job responsibilities include scheduling appointments, applying payments, answering phones, placing prescription food orders, and greeting all of our wonderful clients. Mary greatly enjoys watching the puppies and kittens visiting our hospital as they grow into adulthood.

When she isn’t working, Mary enjoys participating in local theatre productions with the SC Shakespeare Company and Columbia Children’s Theatre. She also cares for her rescue dog, Layla.

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Ambassador Animal Hospital StaffCaitlin, Receptionist, Veterinary/Kennel Assistant

Caitlin has been working with Ambassador full time since March of 2016. She graduated from the University of South Carolina obtaining a bachelor's degree in Psychology with a minor in Childhood Education. On some days at the clinic, Caitlin is responsible for greeting clients, making appointments, and taking phone calls. On other days she assists the technicians and doctors when needed by holding pets for sample collection or examination. She also cares for the boarders that stay at the clinic by feeding, walking, giving medication and bathing them. Her favorite part of her job is meeting and getting to know the patients and clients on a personal level. Caitlin also loves that she gets to learn new things almost every day.

Caitlin says, "It's amazing how each day will bring a different learning opportunity to the table. The staff is like a family which makes learning the job fun and enjoyable."

At home, Caitlin has a tortoiseshell cat named Hushpuppy, a black lab named Swanson, an a Shepard mix named Paula who she rescued. In her free time, Caitlin enjoys spending time with her friends and family, going to football games with her friends and being on the water every chance she gets. She loves art, music and taking Swanson and Paula on adventures.

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Ambassador Animal Hospital StaffMichelle, Kennel Manager

Michelle joined the Ambassador Animal Hospital team in October of 2005. She works full-time as our kennel supervisor, overseeing the care of boarders staying with us. Michelle is also responsible for administering medications, bathing our boarders, and maintaining the kennel facility. She enjoys working with and easing the anxiety of difficult or nervous animals during their stay. Michelle was previously a dog groomer and is also a certified dog walker.

In her free time, Michelle enjoys doing crafts and trying out new recipes in the kitchen. At home, she cares for 3 pets of her own. They include two cats, JJ and Moo, and an American Guinea Pig named Benny.

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Ambassador Animal Hospital StaffSydney, Veterinary/Kennel Assistant

Sydney is a full-time veterinary and kennel assistant. She is currently in her senior year of Cedar Valley College’s Vet Tech program. Some of her daily responsibilities include running bloodwork, collecting samples, and caring for boarding animals. Sydney enjoys working with and learning from our veterinarians, as well as teaching our new employees.

Sydney loves relaxing on the beach, hiking, and going to the gym in her free time. She is the proud owner of three rescue animals, two dogs, Clover and Phoebe, and her cat Teddy.

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Ambassador Animal Hospital StaffLauren, Veterinary/Kennel Assistant

Kennel Assistant Lauren joined our team in August 2015. Her prior experience includes working and volunteering on farms.

Her job responsibilities include caring for our patients and boarders by keeping their kennels clean, preparing their meals, taking them out for walks, and bathing them. Lauren also assists our veterinarians and veterinary technicians when needed.

"Everyone is friendly and laid back for the most part," she says. "The animals are awesome and you never know what kind of dog or cat you're going to meet."

Lauren is enrolled at Piedmont Technical College and aspires to become a veterinary technician. She enjoys horse riding, artistic painting, fishing and spending time at the lake. She has four horses, Mr. Jones, Diesel, Sally, and Amos. She also has three dogs, a 15-year-old Golden Retriever named Jake; a four-year-old Dachshund named Bently; and a two-year-old Chocolate Lab-Pitbull mix named Chevy.

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Ambassador Animal Hospital Staff Lyanne, Veterinary Assistant

Lyanne works full-time as a veterinary assistant at Ambassador Animal Hospital. Some of her daily job tasks include properly restraining animals, drawing blood, obtaining patient history, performing dental cleanings, and running lab work. Lyanne also helps prepare for surgeries and monitors patients anesthesia during procedures.

At home, Lyanne cares for 11 pets of her own! They include 7 cats (Oliver, Mila, Tabico, Nala, Chester, Arya, Pancake, & Maple) and 4 dogs (Barret, Oskar, Maxie, and Skylar). When she isn’t working, Lyanne enjoys baking/decorating cakes, horseback riding, volunteering at wild life sanctuaries/zoos, and watching TV and movies.

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Ambassador Animal Hospital StaffKately, Kennel Assistant

Kennel Assistant Kately joined the Ambassador Animal Hospital staff in December of 2017. Kately is working part-time while also attending the University of South Carolina, pursuing studies in Pre Veterinary Medicine. Some of Kately’s daily responsibilities include bathing, feeding, and providing care for patients. Kately also administers medications, does nails trims and aids our veterinarians with whatever they need.

The aspect of her job that Kately enjoys most is being able to provide care for all the animals and clients that come in and making a positive impact on patients’ well-being. “I love working at Ambassador Animal Hospital because of the people,” Kately says. “Everyone here is so friendly and welcoming, I immediately felt comfortable and eager to learn upon starting here.”

Kately likes to spend her free time with her friends, family and dog. She owns a Husky/Shepard mix named Abbey. Kately loves to travel and explore new areas and cities. She also likes to go hiking with Abbey, going to the beach, staying active outside, and going to concerts.

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Ambassador Animal Hospital StaffAshley, Kennel Assistant

Ashley was welcomed to the Ambassador Animal Hospital staff as a Kennel Assistant in April of 2018. She has since been working closely with our team to provide exceptional attention and care to our clients and their wonderful pets. Some of Ashley’s roles as a Kennel Assistant involve feeding patients and providing medication, providing assistance to team members and veterinarians, makings sure our facilities are stocked with supplies, and are clean and organized.

“I like working at this animal hospital because of the friendly staff and the animals I get to work with,” Ashley says. “My favorite part is getting to interact with the animals and when I am to assist a veterinarian”.

Ashley is currently enrolled at the University of South Carolina. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, going on drives, spending time at the lake with friends, and playing with her Lab mix named Trooper.

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