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Columbia Pet Boarding and Grooming

columbia, sc pet boardingBoarding Services for Columbia Dogs and Cats

Ambassador Animal Hospital's Columbia, South Carolina dog and cat boarding facility provides the highest level of care and service to all of our customers and their pets.

Our Columbia, SC pet boarding facility was designed with your pet's comfort, health, and safety in mind. Our climate controlled space offers separate boarding areas for cats and dogs. Our canine guests receive three daily runs, and we encourage pet owners to provide us with personal items that will make your pet feel more comfortable, such as blankets, toys, or special treats. Because our boarding facility is part of our animal hospital, medical boarding is available.

Contact us to ask about our luxury pet boarding suites!

At Ambassador Animal Hospital, we understand how important it is to know your pet is receiving quality care and attention while you are away. Our dedicated and experienced boarding staff is dedicated to making sure your pet is comfortable and well-cared for — and also has fun!

Pet Boarding Policies

As a policy, only boards pets that see our doctors or become patients. We require that dogs be current with an Annual Health and Wellness Exam, DHPP, Rabies, and Bordetella vaccines. The Bordetella vaccine is required every 6 months. We require cats be current with an Annual Health and Wellness Exam, FVRCP, Rabies, and deworming. In order to provide better protection for your pet, all vaccinations should be given at least 10 days prior to boarding. Proof of current vaccinations required by the time of boarding.

Toys, blankets, or other items from home that may help your pet feel more comfortable are allowed in our boarding facility. Your pet's special health needs will be reviewed with you prior to your departure. If your pet requires a special diet, please feel free to send it with him. Our qualified and knowledgeable staff is skilled in medicine administration, food preparation and managing acute or chronic medical conditions.

Grooming Services in Columbia, SCGrooming Services for Your Pet

The Medical Importance of Grooming Your Pet

Being gorgeous takes work. But there's a lot more to pet grooming than making Fluffy look fabulous. The important thing is to keep her clean and healthy.

Grooming is an important part of preventive medical care, and regular bathing at our Columbia, SC Animal Hospital will help prevent serious medical problems — not to mention make your pet look, smell and feel better. By having your pet groomed regularly, you can help detect skin infections and growths before they become a problem.

Ambassador Animal Hospital is happy to offer limited dog and full-service cat grooming, and a typical visit includes: bathing, brushing and combing the coat; checking for infections and parasites; trimming longhaired pets if needed; and nail trimming.

Every breed of dog and cat is different, so the grooming for each pet is unique. We can recommend a grooming routine for your pet so you know exactly what to look for and how often. If you have a young puppy or kitten, acquaint him or her with grooming early to ensure an easy process from the start!

For more information on our Columbia, SC pet boarding and grooming services, please contact Ambassador Animal Hospital at (803) 787-3840